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a(1): writings in prose or verse

especially : writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest. In other words, creative works with lasting artistic merit.

Future Literature, LLC is a publication house that is dedicated to helping young & upcoming writers transform their ideas into creations. We look for future authors whose stories have F.L.A.I.R, preserving the artistic merit of literature for the future.

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Discover Your Creative Side

"The Best Way To Predict the Future is to Create it."

Professional Editing

Have a professional editor assist you in building your story.

Illustrations & Design

Browse through some of out latest work! Covers, Banners, Ads and more!

Not Sure Where to Start?

By remaining involved in the creative journey of content creation, Future Literature is given the opportunity to really get to know our clients and cater to their specific needs.



Our writing & editing services assist authors who may struggle to start the book-writing process or haven't started at all. These services provide an educational opportunity to any new authors, beginning their journey into the world of publication.

How Much Author Experience do I need?

What If My Story Isn't Completed Just Yet?


Manuscripts DO NOT need to be 100% completed in order submit for editing or publishing. As long as you have a completed outline and synopsis, your manuscript will be eligible.

So, What is Future Literature Productions?

What's the difference from the Publication division?



The production division is where we transform the creative ideas in your head into digital masterpieces. We produce custom merchandise designs, business logos, email banners, book covers, and so much more! All you need to do is ask!

Do I Get Paid if I Publish with Future Literature?



You'll receive a personal Future Author account with detailed information, regarding your project. It's a one-stop-shop for all marketing info, author-editor communication, and payments.

How Much is All This Going to Cost?



We specialize in creativity & design, and that means every project is going to be different--and every price. Nonetheless, we still price our services significantly lower than the majority, making the process easier, accessible, and debt free! For a detailed quote, contact with your project proposal!

Let's get started on your creative journey! 

*An initial consultation must be scheduled before any service can begin

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Discover Books That Inspire

Use code MAC23 to SAVE 20% on all of our new & forthcoming titles!

The book publishing brand of Future Literature believes in changing the way books are made. We prioritize in publishing creative work that will make a difference, inspire, and amaze. Our general interest includes but is not limited to: all genres of Fiction, Memoir & Autobiography, Art & Photography, Self-Help, Personal Narrative & Essay, How To, Children's Books, Poetry, and Folklore.

Browse Our New & Forthcoming Titles!

What's In Our Future?

Coming September 2023, the F.L.A.I.R Literary Journal will be publishing unique and passionate stories in its first ever digital issue. You'll be able to submit your story for review via our discord channel! Those selected will receive remittance of 0.10 per word.

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