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How Will Your Story Unfold?

Loyalty is one of the forces that keeps friendships intact, families in power, and the status quo in place. In a story with loyalty as one of its themes, the author might explore whether these conditions are desirable—or if the loyalty keeping them in place is more destructive than beneficial. Just like loyalty, there is also betrayal. You’ve probably encountered these themes together, as betrayal is the violation of loyalty. A work that explores betrayal might ask when betrayal is justified or explore the kinds of actions that constitute betrayal and the repercussions that can follow. 

Coming September 2023, the F.L.A.I.R Literary Journal will be portraying these exact stories in its first ever digital issue. You'll be able to submit your story for review via our discord channel! Those selected will receive remittance of 0.10 per word.

It's all about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer! What kinds of interesting relationships will you reveal with us come this September? 

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