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Lillian J. Taylor

CEO | Author | Professional Editor

Became a Future Author On:

Jan 1, 2023

Lillian J. Taylor is a professional editor, published author, and current C.E.O of Future Literature. She have had the wonderful opportunity to utilize her own creativity and produce a multitude of different titles such as The Moments We Spend Alone, Colorful, and You Need Me. Working with many different genres [e.g., historical nonfiction, memoirs, romance, science fiction, YA fiction, etc.,], has given her the chance to work with many different authors. With each published title, she was able to experience and become familiar with the myriad of different writing styles, personalities, and goals that each of her authors had to offer.

"Within those moments, I gained the skills to not only share and improve my own publication knowledge, but to also assist each author in becoming the established writer they desired to be."

Lillian J. hopes to not only create genuine connections with both her readers and her Future Authors, but to also create lifelong lessons of learning and inspiration wihtin the literary world.

"When writing professionally, active engagement and attention to detail is essential—however, it is also important to maintain a passion for the story you are going to tell."

Lillian J. Taylor

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